Danes for Warriors in Killeen, TX


Danes for Warriors is currently in Killeen, TX, but is expanding to the TN area. We are a dog breeding kennel for the majestic Great Dane breed. These magnificent dogs are the joy of our lives, and Danes for Warriors has a focus on providing service and emotional support dogs to United States Armed Forces veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder. We also provide service and emotional support dogs to children with autism and other disabilities. Our goal is for 20 percent of the dogs we breed to serve in a service support capacity, and as a service breeder, we donate these dogs to the humans who need their services.

Great Danes as Service Dogs

As the largest breed in the dog kingdom, Great Dane service dogs can provide both emotional and physical support to humans. High-quality service dog training can teach the dogs to perform tasks such as retrieving objects, opening doors or providing alerts. Our dogs are bred from lines with gentle, compliant temperaments and a history of success as family dogs, show dogs and service dogs. When we only breed dogs with excellent temperaments, we can produce puppies with all the excellent qualities of their sire and dam.

Breeding for Genetic Health

Great Dane show dogs must be bred to color standards as the breed is known to have genetic defects that are prevalent with some colors, such as blindness and deafness. We carefully study the genetics of our dogs to ensure that the puppies we produce have a low risk of genetic abnormalities based on color.

Contact Us

If you're interested in purchasing a Great Dane puppy or wish to express your interest in one of our donated Great Dane service dogs, please contact us by telephone at 254- 466-2950 or email us at info@danesforwarrior.com. We're eager to speak to you about our beautiful dogs.
Brown Sire/Dame Breed - Danes for Warriors in Killeen, TX
All pups come with a binder that includes a birth certificate (with paw print), AKC papers, copies of the contract, a new puppy introduction paperwork, Vet paperwork from both their 6 week and 8 week visit, microchip tag (prepaid registration), heart guard tag (they will get their first heart guard prior to leaving us) and a blanket that they have played with so they are comfortable with.

Shipping in the US is 350 by flight and that includes the flight, kennel and vet health certificate that allows for flight.